My kind of getaway - Montauk, New York

Hi, travelers, I'm back after a month of absence.  Sorry!  I was so busy with my wedding last month, and finally settled into my new job.  Being a newly Mrs is truly the happiest moment in my life.

I do miss blogging about places I have been, and the first place I really want to tell you about is Sunrise Guest House, a 4-room only Bed and Breakfast (bnb) in Montauk.

After stressful July, all I wanted was a place where I could relax, enjoy the sun, and walk around the town with flip flops.  Montauk is it!  Only 3 hours MTA train-ride away from New York City.

The name of Montauk is derived from Montaukett tribe, and the town has remained its best characters - quiet and low key (hum...just different from Hampton!).  Montauk can get very expensive, as lots of summer crowds rush to the beach to escape the heat.  Most of accommodations are overpriced and a reasonable BnB is hard to find.  Sunrise Guest House is just the right place, an awesome location, right across from public-accessed beach, and 10-minutes walking from downtown.

Sunrise Guest House is run by 2 brothers, Jim and Will, and you can see their pride of the inn everywhere.  The BnB is super cute, clean, and full of calming ocean freeze.  We stayed in the smallest room (Room 4) during July weekday for $155 ($173 after tax) a night.  The Bnb has a guest fridge to store drinks/wines.  During our stay, most of guests ordered take-out, and had dinners back at the inn.

Here are a few restaurants we tried, and hope you will also enjoy them:

  • St Peter's Catch:  picnic dining style with great quality of seafood  
  • Herb's Market:  it's a small deli with yummy fried chicken
  • MTK Cafe:  great lobster rolls, yet overpriced (in my opinion)
Enjoy the rest of summer, peeps!  Head to beach and get some ocean love!  PEACE, everyone!

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